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Advance Processing of Orphan Petition

U.S. citizens contemplating an international adoption should become familiar with the information provided by the Department of State on International Adoptions.

The U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services at the U.S. Consulate in Ciudad Juarez recommends that perspective adopting parents process the I-600A Application for Advance Processing of Orphan Petition at the USCIS Office located at the U.S. place of residence of the adoptive parents. This will facilitate the future adjudication of the I-600 at the Ciudad Juarez USCIS Office. Perspective parents may also file both the I-600A and the I-600 at the USCIS Office located at their place of residence. You may file the I-600A at the local USCIS of the adopting parents' U.S. place of residence and file the I-600, once the child(ren) has been identified and adopted, at the Ciudad Juarez USCIS Office.


 Supporting Documentation to submit with your Petition

Very Important - Do not send original documents with the petition! Photocopies are acceptable.

Official Translations: Any supporting documentation that you provide that is in a language other than English must be accompanied by a complete English translation. The translation must be completed by an independent party. The party providing the translation must note that his/her work is accurate and that he/she is competent to translate. The full name of the translator, address and contact information is also required.

Proof of United States Citizenship: Preferably, a photocopy of your biographical page from you and your spouse's (if married) U.S. passport is sufficient. You may also provide you and your spouse's (if married) state issued birth certificate or naturalized certificate. A hospital birth certificate or military ID card is not acceptable.

Marriage Certificate: Provide a marriage certificate issued by a public authority to show that a public record exists of the marriage between you and your spouse (if applicable).

Divorce Decree(s) or Death Certificate(s): Provide a death certificate or divorce decree (absolute or final) issued by a public authority to show that a public record exists of the death or of the termination of all prior marriage(s) for both you and your spouse.

Record of Name Change: If either you or your spouse is using a name other than that shown on the relevant documents, you must provide legal documentation that effected the change; e.g., marriage certificate, adoption decree, court order or Deed Poll.

Fingerprints: If you are filing the I-600A and or I-600 at the local USCIS Office at the place of your U.S. residence, that office will arrange to take your fingerprints for all persons 18 or older that reside in the adopting household. If you file the I-600 at the Ciudad Juarez Office, we will also arrange for the fingerprinting.

Home Study: The Home Study should be submitted with the application, however, if the Home Study is not submitted when the I-600A is filed, it must be submitted within one year of the filing of the advanced processing application, or the application will be denied. Some specific requirements on the Home Study:

  • Copies: Only one copy of the Home Study must be submitted.
  • Age of Home Study: The Home Study, or the most recent update to the home study, must not be more than six months old at the time the home study is submitted.
  • Home Study Preparer's Certification and Statement of Authority to conduct home studies: The home study must include a statement in which the home study preparer certifies that he or she is licensed or otherwise authorized by the State of the orphan's proposed residence to research and prepare home studies.
  • In the case of an orphan whose adoption was finalized abroad and whose adoptive parents reside abroad, the home study prepare must certify that he or she is licensed or otherwise authorized to conduct home studies under the law of any State of the United States, or authorized by the adoption authorities of the foreign country.
  • If the perspective adopting parents already have an approved I-600A and file the I-600 with the Ciudad Juarez USCIS Office, the following documents will need to be submitted. No fee is needed if it was already paid with the I-600A.
  • The child's birth certificate or, if the certificate is unavailable, evidence of the child's age and identity;
  • Proof that the child is an orphan as defined by the INA;
  • A final decree of adoption, if applicable;
  • Proof of legal custody of the child for emigration and adoption, if applicable; and
  • Proof of compliance with preadoption requirements, if applicable.

Fee: The fee for each I-600 or I-600A petition you file is $720.00. Do not mail cash or personal checks. The U.S. $720.00 fee must be in the following forms and made out to: U.S. Department of Treasury.

  • U.S. Cashier's Check;
  • U.S. Dollar Money Order;
  • MasterCard, Visa, American Express, Discover, and Debit Cards with Visa logo.

Mailing Address

Please send your petitions to:

USCIS Adoptions
P.O. Box 9896
El Paso, Texas 79995

You may also visit our office in person:

United States Consulate
Paseo de la Victoria #3650
2nd Floor
Partido Senecu, Ciudad Juarez, Mexico