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List of physicians & dentists

Physicians and Dentists in Ciudad Juarez, Chihuahua

The physicians and dentists listed below are known to the Consulate or have been recommended to it for medical services in Ciudad Juárez and Chihuahua City. All of the physicians and dentists listed speak English.

If calling from the U.S. please dial 011-52-656 before the number

May, 2013


Allergy/ Immunology

Ruben Villegas Heredia

Address: 1913 Ignacio Mejia St

Phone: 614-7492



Luis Rodolfo Flores Montano

Address: De Las Americas 201

Phone: 613-6554



Ruben Escobar Prieto

Address: Constitucion 383

Phone: 612-0259, 614-0767


Ernesto Alonso Moran

Address: Blvd. Tomas Fernandez 1803 int. 2

Phone: 616-1731, (915) 613-5233


Jorge Ramos Burgos

Address: Av. Malecon 200

Phone: 612-5714



Maria Griselda Alcaraz

Address: Ave. Lopez Mateos 1364 Sur

Phone: 613-2121, 613-2154, 613-2081


Digestive Tract / Surgery

Felipe Fornelli Lafon

Address: Ave. de las Americas 201 int. 104-B

Phone: 613-9945


Ear, Nose & Throat

Ignacio Peraldi Rios

Address: Paseo De La Victoria 4370 Int. 821

Phone: 616-7717, 611-2727



Jorge Blake Siemsen

Address: Campos Eliseos 9371

Phone: 618-0982, 227-1980



Joaquin Esquivel Anaya

Address: Av. Lopez Mateos 248 

Phone: 613-6152, In the U.S. (915-239-0362)



Enrique Silva Perez

Address: Pedro Rosales De Leon 7510 int. 220

Phone: 618-1558, 618-3564



Francisco Berumen

Address: Av. de las Americas 555 Norte

Phone: 613-5250



Roberto Moreno Razo

Address: Av. de las Americas 678 Norte

Phone: 616-2094



Alejandro Ibarra Valdez

Address: Pedro Rosales De Leon 7510 int. 201

Phone: 618-4288



Estela Moreno

Address: Av. de las Americas 678 Norte

Phone: 616-2094



Rosalinda Cruz

Address: intersection Lerdo and 16 de Septiembre streets int. 11

Phone: 612-4897



Hector Calderon

Address: Av. de las Americas 201 int. 206

Phone: 613-0767